BMW E23 HID Kits

HID Xenon kits and Hid kits only use one third the power from your E23 headlights system, putting less stress on the electrical system. E23 HID bulbs life expectancy is up to 3900 hours of operation, translating into 80,000-100,000 road miles. Rest assured we have the most complete HID bulb color selection on the market for your E23. E23 HID kits are available in 3K, 5K, 6K, 8K, 10K, and 12K. All of our E23 HID kits come with two HID Xenon Plug & Play Bulbs, two HID Digital Can-Bus AC Ballasts, Quick-Snap® Wire Connectors, Mounting Hardware and Installation Guide. We also sell replacement parts for your E23 bulbs, ballasts, and relays. Our HID conversion kits and HID kits for E23 give it that added performance look, bundled with increased safety.

Digital HID KIT
Included in each BMW E23 HID Xenon Light Kit:
2 x HID Xenon Plug & Play Bulbs
2 x HID Digital Can-Bus AC Ballasts
Quick-Snap® Wire Connectors
Mounting Hardware
Installation Guide

Price: $57.99


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BMW E23 HID Kit installed BMW E23 Xenon bulbs BMW E23 HID KIT install BMW E23 HID bulb colors
Can-Bus Anti-Flicker Technology. Waterproof. Shockproof.
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BI-XENON = HID Low Beam + HID High Beam In ONE Bulb.
RELAY: Provides Power Directly From The Battery. Up to 40% MORE Light Output.

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