Bimota DB6S HID Kits

Upgrade your Bimota DB6S's headlights with an Bimota DB6S HID kit today! With HID bulbs, not only are you improving the look of your Bimota DB6S, but also the overall safety. Bimota DB6S Xenon lights burn up to five times brighter than a standard halogen bulb, providing more luminosity and a wider array of light. Our Bimota DB6S HID Conversion Kit's installation step by step bulb type instructions make the conversion simple and fun! In addition, our Bimota DB6S HID Kits come with a two year warranty, optional lifetime warranty. When it comes to your Bimota DB6S headlight bulbs, the choice is clear.

Digital HID KIT
Included in each Bimota DB6S HID Xenon Light Kit:
1 x HID Xenon Plug & Play Bulb
1 x HID Digital Can-Bus AC Ballast
Quick-Snap® Wire Connectors
Mounting Hardware
Installation Guide

Price: $39.99

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Bimota DB6S HID Kit

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Bimota DB6S HID Kit installed Bimota DB6S Xenon bulbs Bimota DB6S HID KIT install Bimota DB6S HID bulb colors
Can-Bus Anti-Flicker Technology. Waterproof. Shockproof.
BI-XENON = HID Low Beam + HID High Beam In ONE Bulb.
RELAY: Provides Power Directly From The Battery. Up to 40% MORE Light Output.

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Bimota DB6S HID Headlights

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